Frankie and Flynnie

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  1. Hi miss hart Me again lol I had left some questions you had anweersd saying the endings you gave to broken, unsticky, the space between us and I got comments by other reader fan that maybe I want another book for all those stories because I am a happily ever after fan. I felt like my point was made properly but when I read precious and fragile things that’s my answer. First off I loved the book thank you it’s perfect in every way thanks alot. I think precious and fragile things is my answer because in the your left with this bitter yet sweet ending it’s not a hea it’s still a ending a thought u can think would it really end like it gets the readers thinking and am not criticizing you NO that’s not what I want I just wanted to explain myself more clearly apologize if I offend anyone. But with other stories you tend to show glimpse in other stories like broken Sadie n joe glimpse in space between us so what I personally feel is dirty got glimpse and short story which concluded the story but take broken for example for me its like Sadie n jo just started in the end there are so many possibilities because Sadie was married to her husband. Before joe yes we find out she got married to joe n pregnant but her first husband left feelings, insecurities, fears that marriage has made a part of Sadie even though Sadie found herself now with that in mind there could be so many possibilities in joe n Sadie marriage due Sadie feelings theb there’s Joe confident but a bit insecure his long list of girls does he have a past anything could happen there? What I mean is that u gives us glimpse of characters whose stories have no ending in other books are like teasers to see saying hahaha look at me go mad with wonder of more possibilities I hate that but u might be crazy or annoying I just wanted to make my point

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