3 CIRCLES HONORThe Soul of Selling method is based on three principles:

Honor yourself.
Honor others.
Honor what you offer.

The 6 steps of The Soul of Selling are designed to support these three principles. What do they mean?

There is no “right way” to sell, so don’t worry about doing it “right.” Just be your authentic self, and relax into genuine, heartfelt relationships with people. Nobody does “you” better than you do. Let your generosity of spirit rise to the surface, and give yourself the gift of relating to people based on your genuine enthusiasm, your integrity, and your sense of joy. Play full out, be a true stand for what you offer—and never do anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

This simply means seeing the best in people, and continuing to look in that direction regardless of what happens in your conversation with them. It means serving, respecting, and appreciating them—whether or not they buy—and being their coach until they reach a decision. Then it means honoring that decision, even if it’s “no.” Sometimes “no” is “yes, but later.” People are far more likely to come back if they feel good about how your conversation ended, and if they know you relate to them as a person, and not just another “sale.”

Each time you go out to sell, spend a few minutes reconnecting with the value of what you offer. Rediscover what you love about what you do.  If you are “selling yourself,” remember that:

  • You are offering the gift that you’ve  been given to share with the world. You are that gift’s sales rep.
  • Your gift serves people. It makes their lives easier or better.
  • You are just there to coach people on whether or not this gift is right for them, right now.

Think of yourself as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the other person, holding your gift out at arm’s length so that you can look at it together. Don’t take anything they say personally. Just find out what value they would like to get if they worked with you. Hear their concerns or objections in a neutral way. Coach them to a good choice.

Be like Mother Teresa! Don’t let your own discomfort get in the way of offering people a chance to participate.

To keep on track with these principles as you sell, follow the 6 Soul of Selling steps. They will take you systematically through the relationship and conversation.


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