Welcome to The Soul of Selling! I help entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers and sales teams guarantee extraordinary sales results with ease, integrity, and generosity of spirit.

My work is based on 30 years of producing record-breaking sales results and on the 3 basic principles in The Soul of Selling: Honor yourself, honor others, and honor what you offer. When we do that, everybody wins.

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Chasing Grace

CHASING GRACE: A NOVEL OF ODD REDEMPTION  is a raw, funny look at spiritual coming of age, at unconventional ways to heal deep emotional wounds, and at finding greater purpose in surprising places despite desperate odds.

THE STORY: Cathy Callahan runs away at age ten to escape her mother’s sexual and emotional abuse and to find God, whom she first met in a Chicago public park when she was six. The next thirty years are a series of funny, brutal, and uplifting adventures that pit her humor and strength against the shame and rage churning within her.

She searches for love, healing, and wholeness in all the wrong places as she runs across the country from Chicago to San Francisco—in the Catholic Church’s byzantine, yoyo system of indulgences and salvation; in a bakery cum brothel run by Mollie, the brassy older woman who “adopts” her; with a good-looking, half-naked guru hawking “I AM Oneness” who uses her to build his enlightenment business and gets her pregnant; with Spirit in the High Rockies and a cowboy who beats her up until she shoots him; and finally, in too much Scotch.

She pulls herself out of an alcoholic bottom in a Reno alley and returns to ground zero, her mother in Chicago. There she finds unexpected grace in the last place she thinks to look.

Cathy is smart, funny, and strong, but also reckless, blind to grey areas, and trying to outrun demons she does not understand and will not face. She has few handrails in life in the form of family, traditional religion, or social structures, but she gives everything she has to her quest for redemption and the sacred. Even when her efforts go terribly wrong, we feel her courage, humor, and grit.

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Creativity on Demand

Is your book still sitting in the computer, instead of thriving on Amazon or in a bookstore?

Creativity on Demand shows how even a naturally lazy, anxious person like myself learned to write in the Zone, on demand, even on a deadline. That skill—and it was a learned skill—changed everything. With it, I have made my living as a freelance writer for 40 years—and more importantly, have felt that divine spark that we call creativity moving within me at will.

The Zone is that luscious place of focused, spontaneous, and relaxed concentration in which we feel imaginative, clear, energized, creative, and hugely productive. Words pour out of us. Thoughts and ideas bubble forth from somewhere within that we can’t clearly define.

This book is about developing and nurturing your unique relationship with the Zone, and your particular way of using it. It includes:
•    How to tap into your natural creativity and create your personal Zone—and how to get it back when you lose it
•    3 Secret Strategies for finishing your book
•    Zone-Blockers like distractions, The Grey Fuzz, and Dark Fears—and how to bust them
•    Practical tricks like using the organized, left brain to get your creative, right brain into gear

The Zone is not for special people, or radically talented people, or even good people. It’s for all of us. It is our birthright, if we take a little time to master using it. All it takes is a little self- knowledge, some gentle discipline, and some of the many tricks in this book.

I believe that each of us has something to give the world, something that comes from a divine spark deep within us. When we don’t express ourselves with that art, we suffer. When we bring what we love into the world and share it with others, we are living as our highest selves.

That experience is available to anyone who reaches out for it.

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Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or Weird!

Do you love what you do to serve people, but hate having to “sell yourself” to do it?

Master sales coach Carol Costello offers a powerful 10-step approach to selling yourself in an easy, natural, authentic way that serves everyone with whom you speak—and also gets the exact sales results you want.

This approach transforms those queasy, uneasy feelings about selling yourself into a clear, open confidence that helps you handle objections with ease and aplomb, and close the sale with skill and grace.

Carol offers a new definition of selling yourself: “bringing our best when we interact with people, serving them, and being a stand for our own value, for their value, and for the value of what we are offering.”

This approach is based on the three basic principles of Carol’s popular selling primer, The Soul of Selling: Honor yourself, honor others, and honor what you offer.

The way you sell should reflect who you truly are, and it should be fun. It’s time to stop letting fear, embarrassment, or queasiness about selling get in the way.

Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or Weird! was written with coaches, practitioners, service-providers, and solopreneurs in mind—but it works for anyone who needs to sell themselves in order to give the world their gift.

We all sell ourselves, all the time, whether we are:
•    Offering a service like coaching or accounting
•    Offering products like cars, cosmetics or cleaning products
•    Finding a job or working toward a promotion
•    Getting our kids to eat broccoli, inviting people to a dinner party, talking about a cause, or making a new friend

This book is about selling yourself in a way that makes you feel great, serves others, gets your gift is out there into the world, and helps you make a living doing what you love.

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Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or Weird! offers guidelines for selling yourself in an easy, natural, and authentic way that serves everyone with whom you speak–and also get the precise sales results you want. Transform those queasy, uneasy feelings about selling yourself into a clear, open confidence so that you handle objections with ease and aplomb, and close the sale with skill and grace. See more here


Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone shows how to find that focused, spontaneous, relaxed place where we feel clear, imaginative, energized and productive–even on a deadline! Words flow out of us, and we can feel that divine spark we call creativity moving within us.  This book is about developing your unique relationship with the Zone, and your particular way of using it. See more here.


Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption is a raw, funny look at spiritual coming of age, at unconventional ways to heal deep emotional wounds, and at finding greater purpose in surprising places despite desperate odds. Cathy Callahan runs away at age ten to escape her mother’s abuse and find God, whom she first met….(read more)


The Soul of Selling‘s 6 powerful steps guarantee you get specific sales results, serve others as you sell, and feed your soul. See more here



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I developed the Soul of Selling method to bring more ease, meaning, and enjoyment to the record-breaking results I produced at as Sales Director for three successful startups over 30 years.

Sharing this method with audiences in keynotes and workshops is a joy. I love showing people how to move into a more powerful relationship with selling. When you have a proven way to keep your enthusiasm high, your relationship with buyers warm, and your sales goals met every time, you naturally enjoy selling more—and so you get even better at it.

It is thrilling to my clients relax into their own unique “sweet spot” of selling and to feel great about themselves as sellers. They can let it rip because they know they can trust themselves to serve people, and also to produce the big numbers they’ve always dreamed of—in a way that is easy and natural for them.

After hanging out with Keats and Yeats on my way to an MA at the University of Michigan, I became an investigative reporter in Chicago. It was my job to be on hand whenever Mayor Daley was doing something naughty and to write it up in an amusing way for the people of Chicago, for whom journalism is a blood sport.

I found my way to San Francisco and was the first Sales Director for two spiritual start-ups that are thriving worldwide today. My selling heroine is Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She raised millions for a cause that was her passion—without any sales training or gimmicks, just by being who she was.

Along with my career in sales, I have been a book doctor and editor, a student of meditation and the Vedanta since 1980, traveled the world with extended stays in India, and hiked down and up the Grand Canyon. In 2011, I published my first novel, Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption. I live in San Francisco across the street from the Pacific Ocean. These are my two very large, ultra-smoochy cats, Frankie and Flynnie.

You can find WRITE IN THE ZONE, my blog about writing, and information on my editorial services at www.carolcostello.net.


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I believe that selling is a high calling—and I’m inspired by the courage, grit, and boundless enthusiasm of people who sell from their hearts.

I strive to bring that inspiration to audiences, focusing on the bottom line while entertaining with humor, passion, and compassion. When people have fun, the message goes directly to the place inside where new and exponential results begin.

My message is that you can guarantee extraordinary sales results, and at the same time serve others and feed your own soul with personal meaning, higher purpose, and generosity of spirit. I talk about the honor and joy of selling, and show audiences how to relax, be present to others, and make money while becoming the people they have always wanted to be.

I invite people to make the selling process itself a source of self-esteem, contribution, inspiration, and delight—and to become a force of nature in their own lives—whether they are new sellers or old hands.

My topics include:

  • Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or WEIRD!
  • Selling Big without Selling Out
  • Your 3 New Best Friends: ‘The Ask,’ Objections, and the Close
  • The Cosmic Hors d’Oeuvres Tray: Getting Your Goal, Every Time, No Matter What
  • Finding your Personal “Selling Sweet Spot”

 What people say about Carol Costello…

            The Soul of Selling jump-starts sales forces. They produce more because they know how to honor themselves and their profession, as well as their prospects. They have more staying power, more results, and more fun.  — Murray Thompson, Ph.D., Consultant to Fortune 100 companies

            A lot of people have helped me with sales over the years, but the biggest breakthrough is Carol Costello’s The Soul of Selling book and presentation. She spoke recently at our Spirit and Work Conference, and I cannot over-recommend her.   — Pat McHenry Sullivan, Founder, Spirit and Work Resource Center

             It’s a joy to watch this material in Carol’s hands. People soak up new skills, beam with enthusiasm, and then go out there and get results they never thought possible. They get the results they want, and at the same time inspire trust, loyalty, and productive action in their teams.  — Tom LeNoble, Senior Customer Service, Executive/Coach

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You can make selling as pain-free and delicious as chocolate dessert—and also guarantee your sales results, every single time. Sound impossible? Don’t buy into the “no pain, no gain” sales myth! You can be yourself, make everyone around you feel great, and still get the exact sales results you promise.

Try these 5 steps the next time you head out to sell…

1. Imagine that your job is to pass around a silver tray piled high with sumptuous little chocolate desserts—truffles, caramels smothered in smooth milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate-covered cherries and orange peel, tiny chocolate cakes with icing so chocolate that it sweats! Your “sales goal” is to empty your tray, to get rid of all your chocolates. [Read more…]

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Soul of Selling Book

The Soul of Selling captures everything I learned in 30 years of producing record-breaking sales results; developing rich, productive relationships with clients and customers; and learning to love selling and do it in an easy, natural way!

It guides you through 6 quick, easy steps that guarantee big sales numbers, service to others, and personal fulfillment. It’s all about doing good and doing well, feeding your soul as well as your bottom line.

You get specific sales tools to:

  • Dissolve the mental chatter that keeps you from enjoying and succeeding at sales
  • Discover and enjoy your own natural enthusiasm, and renew it at will
  • Deliver specific results, consistently, with ease and joy
  • Conduct the 10-Step Honoring Sales Conversation
  • Make “the ask,” handle objections, and close the sale with confidence, grace and skill
  • Never again take “no” personally
  • Master the art of “selling yourself” without fear or stress

This sales book is both a training primer and a desktop tool for ongoing sales inspiration.

For your autographed paperback, click “Add to Cart” in the sidebar. To see it on Kindle, click the photo above

The Soul of Selling is a revolutionary sales book that reveals the selling secrets of how to:

  • Take the guesswork out of results, and the stress out of selling
  • Simply be yourself, be good to people, and get the great sales results that make you a leader in your field
  • Say goodbye to fear of rejection or manipulation, and access your own natural confidence and enthusiasm
  • Produce the exact sales results you want, every time—guaranteed!

It is for anyone who wants to fuse great sales results with personal integrity, authenticity, and relationship selling–including:

  • Coaches, consultants, and other professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and fundraisers
  • Sales teams
  • Network marketers
  • Anyone who wants to bring others on board with their product, service, project or vision

See a sample chapter here…


“This is how selling can be, and this is certainly how selling will be going forward for those who wish to make a successful career and endeavor in that regard.”   — Aaron J. Webber, Unicity Co-CEO and President

“This is cutting edge…and I’ve read them all! Ms. Costello has turned up the heat on selling techniques that will change the way I do business. I feel a new sense of ease already, and can’t wait to utilize these techniques in my day to day interactions. Excellent read, too!”   —  Tom LeNoble, Sales and Service Executive

“I read plenty of business books in my job, and I can confidently say that this little book is one of the more profound works I’ve encountered on business, selling, and life. Few of us are aware of the baggage we carry around about sales, marketing, and success. Carol Costello has opened my eyes and given me an entirely new way to achieve success without selling my soul. This book is as much about being a good person as it is about being successful. If you’ve even thought for a second that the two are mutually exclusive, buy this book!”   —“Book Guy”  Amazon reviewer

“I love this book! I am one to avoid all activity related to selling ANYTHING. This book helped me see the value that a salesperson IS to people. And what a fun read! I’ve given this book as gifts to all sorts of “sales” people: a soccer mom, a President/CEO for a nonprofit, and an attorney. There are good tips for those in all walks of life.” —  Christine Schmoeckel, Chief Information Officer

“If you do what Carol Costello says, you will be successful, and enjoy the process. Whether you are fundraising for your child’s school, a professional salesperson, or a small business owner, this book will help you clarify and achieve your goals.”  —  Carolyn Ingram, Ed.D.Psychologist, Author and Coach

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