WP Setup Joy

I am proud to be an affiliate of the easiest, fastest, most humane way to create and master a WordPress site.

I have never been an affiliate for anything—and never dreamed of being one until I found the wonderful women at SiteSetupKit.

This program is the real deal. Wendy and Pamela are building it on a foundation of quality information and extraordinary service to customers. They always ask what they can do better.

When I decided to create this blog and site, I knew nothing except that it should be on WordPress. My eyes rolled back in my head when I first saw the dashboard! I took a WordPress class, and staggered away more confused than ever.

I coughed up the money for someone to create my site ($350+). It was a terrible experience. Worse, I couldn’t “work” the site myself. If I saw a comma out of place, or wanted to add something, or learned a new and better way to market—I had to call that web designer, wait until she got back to me, pay her a small fortune, and hope she got it right.

After a month, I saw that this was no way to live. I had to learn WordPress, after all.

Just then, I came across SiteSetupKit. I watched the hour-long video that you will see (with no obligation) if you click through the link above or here.

I thought to myself, “These women aren’t slick, like so many ‘website helpers.’ They genuinely want to deliver a quality product, and know that’s the best way to build a successful business. They are smart cookies, and I bet they bend over backward to make it work for people!”

I was right.

I knew nothing when I signed up. This program guided me step-by-step, at my own pace, with all my questions answered, through creating a WordPress site that I love. I’m the master of the site, and can change it any time I wish.

Literally hundreds of people have asked me to be in their “downline” or affiliate programs over the years, and I have always said no. I was the one who asked Wendy and Pamela if I could join.

Check out the video. Even if you don’t feel like signing up, you will have learned a lot about WordPress. If you do sign up, you will never regret it.

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