THE SELLING DISCOMFORT DILEMMA: How to Keep Going When You Just Don’t Wanna!

Your hand is poised over the phone to call a potential client you’re afraid may say “no”…or over the keyboard to write your first blog…when suddenly, out of nowhere, you become unbearably uncomfortable. The Discomfort Dilemma grabs you! Whatever the next step is, it seem agonizing. Sometimes even impossible.

The Discomfort Dilemma is that perilous moment when you stand poised between moving forward and doing whatever is next—or doing something to avoid it. It happens in every aspect of life, but it shows up on steroids when you sell.

You want to dive under the bed and mainline chocolate. Even trim the cat’s toenails or shampoo the carpet. Anything to avoid that scary next step—even when you know from experience that trying to avoid it only makes you more uncomfortable!

You know that when you’re sitting at your desk with little chocolate smudges on your face, with the kitty licking her new manicure, and both of you are staring down at your spanking clean carpet, that next step will still be there. And it will seem even bigger! Plus, it’s later in the game and you may feel even more behind the Eight Ball. You may feel pressure to make up for lost time, to produce more and better results, more quickly. [Read more…]

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