SOUL OF SELLING GHOSTBUSTERS: 6 Ways to Blast Negative Mental Chatter

You want selling to be fun! You’ve taken classes. You’ve read books. You know it can be fun. Lots of people say so!

You reach for the phone to make your next call and…the ghosts and goblins of negative mental chatter swoop up from the floorboards, out of the walls, through the ceiling. They say things like:

  • Selling is sleazy; you have to manipulate people.
  • I can’t take rejection.
  • I shouldn’t have to do this. I was made for better things.
  • People make me jump through hoops, and then they don’t buy.
  • I just don’t have the hard core it takes to sell.
  • I’m not that slick, and I don’t want to pressure people.
  • I can sell for others, but not for myself.
  • Selling is hard. I’m not good at it, and it isn’t fun.
  • There’s a secret to selling that everybody knows except me.
  • My mother would turn over in her grave if she knew I was doing this.

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