I made up The Soul of Selling method because I desperately wanted to sell a program I loved—and had no idea how to do it!

The only selling models I could find were either:

  • Wicked—Get the stats, even if you have to break people’s arms and legs, or
  • Wimpy—Love and “om” people, but don’t count on paying the rent

I wanted to guarantee exact sales numbers, and I also wanted to guarantee that everyone with whom I spoke was served and that selling fed my soul.

A tall order, but the 6 steps of The Soul of Selling did the trick! The next 6 posts will each cover one step.

Soul of Selling STEP #1: Put down your baggage, and fix what you can.

“I’ll never be able to sell!” my client Sally wailed. “I have all these fears and bad thoughts about it! I just have too much baggage.” [Read more…]

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