giftThe #1 challenge many of my clients face is “selling themselves.” Somehow, those words have come to mean being pushy, self-centered, egotistic, and even WEIRD!  BUT if we’re business owners, service providers, or solo-preneurs, selling ourselves is what lets us keep doing the thing we love to do.

It’s an impossible dilemma: We have to sell ourselves, but doing so can feel frightening and even creepy.  What we need is a…

What if selling ourselves were simply “Offering our gift to others in the spirit of service.”  Let’s break it down:

  • Offering” is not pushing. It’s extending a generous hand, one that others can choose whether or not to take.
  • Our gift” is a talent we’ve been given, so that we can offer it to others. It comes from Whoever or Whatever put us together. We are just its representative—its sales rep, if you will. Each of us has gifts, and we are not meant to hoard them. We’re meant to take them out into the world so that they can help others.
  • In the spirit of service” means that we’re not blowing our own horn, or insisting that others see how wonderful we are. It simply means that we’re offering our gift in order to make life easier or better for other people.

When we “sell ourselves” from this point of view, it’s a lot easier, a lot more fun, and a lot more productive. [Read more…]

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