We’re a Soulful Selling Species

soulful sellerMost of us sell every day of our lives—whether or not we know it, and whether or not we call it “sales.” We can’t help ourselves. When we find something that is fun or valuable, we want to share it with the world, or at least a few friends. We want to scoop people up and get them on board, whether it’s asking them to “buy” into a:

  • Product or service
  • Friday night dinner party
  • Class or seminar
  • Local park cleanup
  • Program to end hunger or support the environment

When we know how to make these invitations with grace and mastery, life is easier and more pleasant. When we also know how to get the results we want, life is more rewarding. The whole point of the Soul of Selling strategy is to be comfortable with offering people something you’ve found valuable—and confident that you can talk about it in a way that they see its value as well.

Minimally, we all way to sell in a way that makes us feel good. That’s the first step. We need to get that in place before we do anything else. What makes selling feel good to most people is doing it in a way that is soulful.

“Soul” is the part of us that craves higher purpose, authentic relationships and meaningful contribution. Webster’s calls it “the seat of real life or vitality; the source of action; the moving spirit, the heart.”

“Selling” is simply offering your product or vision in such a clear and inviting way that people see value in it for themselves and come on board. The Soul of Selling is based on three principles:

1. We all want to have a positive impact on our world. When we know how to “sell” the causes, programs, or services we love, we have the power to change the world.

2. We all want to nourish our souls. We want to feel good about who we are and what we do, to act with integrity and contribute to others.

3. We don’t have to choose between these two desires. We can combine doing well and feeling good. Being a “go to” person who gets results does not mean we can’t also be good people who support others. And being good people does not mean we can’t have a powerful impact on the world. In fact, people of compassion, purpose and vision can do far more good if they also have the power to make things happen.

Our cultural and corporate values are shifting toward “soul.” This shift gives the bottom line a moral compass. It shows us a new landscape where results and values not only can meet, but must meet. It gives us permission to be amalgams of strength and contribution, capacity and compassion, steady will and generosity of spirit.

Life will always hand us opportunities to “sell.” The only question is: Will we have fun, or get cranky? Will we complain or back away—or will we step up and make the contribution we want to make?  

What is one thing you can do today to demonstrate being the soulful seller that you are?

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