Soul of Selling Step #2 is PINPOINT YOUR PASSIONS.

The secret sauce of successful sellers is that passion is intentional.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect person, a sunset, luck, karma, or the Selling Fairy Godmother to sprinkle her sparkle. You don’t have to hope that passion will show up at the same time your customers do. You can call it forth at will, whenever you want it.

Successful sellers don’t wait around for enthusiaasm, or to see whether or not they like selling. They find a way to love it, right now, because it gets them what they want.

They find and squeeze their own juice!

Where do you find your own true, authentic passion for selling? Here are 4 suggestions:

  1. Don’t do the “shoulds.” Look into your heart and soul for what you honestly appreciate about selling. Come up with your own answers. You don’t have to do something just because “they” say you should.
  2. Tell the truth about whether or not you really want to sell at all! Some people just don’t want to do it–and they are willing to adjust their businesses and lives accordingly. If you don’t authentically find something to love about selling, don’t torture yourself.
  3. Ask yourself some Juice Questions to squeeze out the value of selling: What do you want selling to do for you? What can you learn from it? What skills and qualities do you bring to the selling table? What is your favorite thing about the product or service you offer? What good qualities are you willing to see in everyone you encounter?
  4. List all the things you appreciate about selling in general, yourself as a seller, your service or product, and your contacts. Your list might include items like: Selling is a chance to grow, and to get the success I want. I like sharing my enthusiasm for things I love. I’m a great therapist, and love helping people move forward in life.

Pinpointing your passion for selling gives you a natural enthusiasm and authenticity that make selling fun, and even ennobling! They also make you irresistible.



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