SEE PEOPLE’S VALUE: Honoring Sales Conversation Touchstone #1

see peoples valueThe 10-Touchstone Honoring Sales Conversation is the foundation of The Soul of Selling Method. It makes sure that you bring everything you have to the table, and that you treat people with respect and appreciation. It gives you a map from Point A and Point B—from “hello” to a clear decision whether or not to buy, made in a supportive, honoring environment that you create.

Today we look at Touchstone #1, See people’s value.

The Soul of Selling is based on the belief that every human being deserves to be respected, honored  and appreciated. It assumes that positive qualities such as love, courage, wisdom and good intentions  exist in all of us—however obscured they may be at any given moment by fear or stress, and by whatever questionable behavior these discomforts may trigger.

You may or may not know the specific people with whom you’ll be talking, but you do know that they will be human beings in whom these qualities exist, regardless of how they feel or how they behave when you speak with them. This touchstone asks you to see those good qualities, and to focus on them no matter what people say or do, and whether or not they buy. It asks you to look beyond the fear or stress and intentionally call forth your appreciation.

Paradoxically, the more you hold this high ground for them, the better their behavior is likely to be.

We’re all human.  When people don’t do what we want them to do, sometimes we want to pitch a fit. As sellers, we want people to buy. No matter how much we see the good in them, we would still rather they bought what we are offering. If they don’t buy, or even if they hesitate, the mental chatter can get loud. Fortunately, our good instincts are just as strong, and just as loud.

Sometimes I feel as if I have a little devil on one shoulder mouthing all the mental chatter, and a little angel on the other shoulder holding tight to Touchstone #1. As loud as the devil gets, the angel wants just as much to appreciate and connect with other people. These two little cartoon characters are probably sitting on my shoulder all the time, but both of their voices get louder when I sell. Somebody has to step in and referee the situation.  That somebody is me. And you, the mature person who—just for the duration of the Honoring Sales Conversation—is willing to be the adult, to take a stand for the good and to serve whoever is before you.

The little devil might say, “Jeez, I’ve see this kind of woman a million times and they never buy. She’s gonna take all my time and energy, and then walk away. It happens every time!”

The little angel perks up and says, “Hey, give her a break. What do you know from just looking at her? How about assuming she’s just a little shy or scared? How about appreciating her enough to make this situation less intimidating for her? Give her a fighting chance to buy.”

“Yeah, but that’s not true and you know it,” the little devil pipes up defensively.

“Oh, c’mon. What can you appreciate about her? You’re just helping yourself. You’ll have a better chance for the sale, you’ll feel better about yourself, and so will she if you come at this positively.”

If you don’t let the little angel win, you are in for a frustrating life in sales. I’m not saying the angel has to win all the time, in every aspect of your life. My little angel almost never wins where apple fritters are concerned. But you must let that angel win when you are conducting the Honoring Sales Conversation. That’s your covenant with the Soul of Selling.

When you have this touchstone in place and are seeing people’s value, everything that follows is easier and more pleasant. You know you are behaving well, and that feels good. A person who is being honored, respected, and appreciated is also more likely to behave well—so you are much more likely to enjoy the conversation.

Touchstone #1, See people’s value, sets the tone for your entire Honoring Sales Conversation.

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