Personal Passion Makes Selling Fun


Whatever you do with passion will be fun—and it’s likely to be successful!

This week, we look at #2 in the list of “the only 5 things we need to be a happy and successful seller”:

  1. Free yourself from fear and negative thinking.
  2. Tap into your personal passion.
  3. Create your Speaking Bank.
  4. Make sales promises you can guarantee.
  5. Master the 10-Point Honoring Sales Conversation.

Tapping into our passion means more than just making a list of nice things about what we sell, and keeping them in mind when we talk with people.  It means pinpointing the specific value of what we offer, and discovering where the real juice is for us.

We’ve all had the experience of buying from someone who truly loved what they sold—and buying from someone who didn’t.  My last experience of this was buying a refrigerator. The man who sold it to me had a sparkle in his eye. He couldn’t tell me enough about its special features. It was a joy to listen to him, and I bought from him even though the price was slightly higher than at another store. I left feeling great about the refrigerator, the guy, and myself.

That’s how you want people to feel when they buy from you.  One of the most important things you can do is take the time and energy to discover what you find personally valuable and genuinely exciting about what you sell and how you sell it.

Some people think that passion and enthusiasm either appear, or they don’t. We’re either inspired spontaneously, or we’re not.  Spontaneous passion is great for romance, spirituality, the arts and many other aspects of life. It’s not so great for selling, because you can’t count on it to show up at the same time your customers do.

The good news is that passion doesn’t have to be spontaneous. It can be intentional. You can call it forth at will, at the exact times you want it—with a little preparation.

Try this exercise to tap into your personal passion. Make a list of all the things that you genuinely treasure in these 4 areas:

  • The product or service you sell
  • Selling in general
  • Yourself as a seller
  • The people to whom you sell

Creating personal, original lists of what sparks your passion in each of these 4 areas makes selling easier and more fun. Here are some benefits:

  • You get more real and authentic. The answers are yours alone.
  • You get more naturally enthusiastic. You are in touch with what sparkles for you.
  • You own what you are saying. Nobody is telling you, “Go out and say this or that.”
  • You have a crib sheet for those days when you don’t get up on the passion side of the bed.

The Soul of Selling includes many more exercise for getting in touch with your personal passions for selling.

What to you do to spark your selling passion?

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