passion croppedEver find yourself in awe of someone who radiates passion for what they do, whether it’s selling, or a political or social cause, or just doing their job? I have, and I used to wonder where they got all that enthusiasm.

Then I started selling, and discovered their secret. Passion doesn’t just drop out of the sky. It doesn’t just descend randomly on a few lucky individuals. We generate it from within ourselves—even (and especially) when we don’t feel it in the moment.

We’ve all had moments when passion just appeared, without our having to create it. The enthusiasm was just there, inspired by a person, event, situation, or sunset. Spontaneous passion happens, but you can’t count on it. Spontaneous passion is great for romance, spirituality, the arts and many other aspects of life. It’s not so great for selling, though, because you can’t count on it to show up at the same time that your customers do.

The good news is that passion doesn’t have to be spontaneous. It can also be intentional. You can call on it at will, at the exact times you want it. You don’t need luck, karma, or lightning striking in just the right place. You don’t have to sit around waiting for it. You can bring it to any situation, whenever you want to do so.

New sellers sometimes say, “I just don’t feel inspired today.” You never have to use those words again. In fact, it’s part of the Soul of Selling not to say those words—but rather, to reach down and find the sparkle. Find the inspiration and the passion.

Here are a few questions that may help. If you answer them now, before the doldrums hit, you can come back and use your answers to find your passion and model it for others:

  • What do I love about what I’m offering people?
  • What do I love or value about the selling process?
  • What do I enjoy about the people with whom I interact?
  • What qualities do I want to bring to all my interactions today?
  • What do I want to feel at the end of the day?

These questions are all part of The Soul of Selling Step #2: Pinpoint Your Passions. The exercises in this part of The Soul of Selling take you systematically through re-discovering and living the inspiration that brought you to selling in the first place.

That passion may have started with the product or service you offer, with your love of people, with your willingness to undertake the hero’s journey of selling itself, or with simply wanting to serve others. Regardless, we are all well served—and happier and better sellers—when we have that passion at our fingertips.

What do you do to access intentional passion?

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