Soul of Selling programs for organizations and sales teams are dynamic, transformational, interactive, and entertaining.

We pinpoint your goals and the best ways to accomplish them, and then design a program serves your specific needs and objectives.

Your group gets a proven technology for thriving as you sell—and a way to guarantee results with ease, generosity, and self-esteem. These tools help people:

  • Meet sales goals consistently, without stress or drama
  • Feel good about how they sell, so that they are buoyed up instead of burned out
  • Jump-start their passion, whether they are new sellers or old hands
  • Bring their best to each selling conversation

Programs may include presentations, workshops, follow-up coaching, and pre- and post-program assessments.

Great numbers are no longer enough. The best people in sales today also want to sell based on authentic relationships, personal values, integrity, and contribution—and today’s buyers expect nothing less.

Soul of Selling programs help you guarantee both top results and a selling culture of ease, service, fulfillment, and generosity of spirit. Our goal is to increase productivity by 2-5%, and to enhance satisfaction significantly more.

I believe that consistent, powerful sales results come from people who are thriving. These people are proud of what they do and how they do it. They have reliable ways to stay fresh, renewed, engaged, and energized—so they enjoy selling and look forward to the next contact.

Comments from clients…
“Under One Roof operates a retail store that is a fundraiser for 35 non-profits. We use over 100 volunteers as our sales force and have developed a sales training program using the principles outlined in The Soul of Selling. This brings the actual practice of selling into a human realm that supports our mission and lets people enjoy the work.”  —— Howard Thornton, Retail Director, Under One Roof

 “Carol gets people excited about selling, and helps them do it in their own natural style. She ignites that mix of enthusiasm and personal power that makes for happy people with great results.”  –– Scott Montgomery, Senior VP, Geographic Expeditions


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