You can make selling as pain-free and delicious as chocolate dessert—and also guarantee your sales results, every single time. Sound impossible? Don’t buy into the “no pain, no gain” sales myth! You can be yourself, make everyone around you feel great, and still get the exact sales results you promise.

Try these 5 steps the next time you head out to sell…

1. Imagine that your job is to pass around a silver tray piled high with sumptuous little chocolate desserts—truffles, caramels smothered in smooth milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate-covered cherries and orange peel, tiny chocolate cakes with icing so chocolate that it sweats! Your “sales goal” is to empty your tray, to get rid of all your chocolates.

2. Approach each “sales contact” as if he or she were the most important and wonderful person in the room. Respect, honor, and appreciate each person—whether or not she takes a dessert. You don’t have to say a word. If you genuinely honor and want to serve them, they will get it!

3. Don’t take “no” personally. Jack takes a chocolate-covered cherry! Yay! A step closer to the sales goal! Sue just shakes her head at you and waves you on without a word. Do you take it personally? No! She may be allergic to chocolate, or on a diet, or full from lunch. Whatever the reason, it probably has nothing to do with you.

4. Keep moving around the room, giving yourself the gift of authentic, generous connections with everyone to whom you offer the chocolates. Whether or not they take one, you’re having fun.

But wait! How can you guarantee your goal if you’re being so nice, even to the people who don’t take a chocolate? This is the CHOCOLATE-COVERED SELLING SECRET:

5. Keep passing that tray until it’s empty, having just as much fun with each person as you did with the first. You may have to go around the room again, or out into the kitchen or hall, or maybe even out on to the street! But it doesn’t matter. You are having such a good time with those people and those chocolates that it’s a joy to keep going until you meet your goal.

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