Of all the things I do, private coaching is my favorite. I love showing people how to make selling not just the means to an end, but a source of wellbeing, joy, and fulfillment—as well as reliable profit.

We take the stress out of selling, the guesswork out of your results, and the fear out of sales conversations. You can then focus on delivering your service to the world and doing what you are here to do.

You sell based on personal values, authentic relationships, genuine contribution, integrity, service, and simply being yourself. That creates big sales numbers, with ease and grace—even when you are “selling yourself.”

I partner with you to:
* Eliminate mental chatter that keeps you from selling with confidence, success, integrity, and joy
* Master making “the ask,” handling objections, and closing in ways that create connection between you and your buyers
* Discover your own unique sales presence and contribution
* Make selling a service to others, and a way to become the person you have always wanted to be
* Assess your situation clearly and set goals you can make, so that you take your business where you want it to be
* Own the 6 Soul of Selling steps that make selling easy, fun, and even uplifting

For more information, or to set up a time to talk, please contact me here.

 What People Say About Coaching with Carol…

            Carol Costello’s sales coaching changed an attitude—and more importantly, uncovered an aptitude I never suspected I had. The attitude: I couldn’t even sell Girl Scout cookies to people who wanted them. The aptitude: Getting results based on direct action. She showed me how to be open with what has meaning to me. That connected me with others and brought not just amazing results, but real enjoyment.

— Carolyn Ingram, Ed.D., Psychologist, Coach, Author
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